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Personalized Wood Watches Are The Perfect Gifts

If you’re searching for a gift for a loved one, nothing says you care about them as much as a personalized gift does. Gifting them something unique, that no one else owns, will show just how much you appreciate and love them. Your relationship is one-of-a-kind, so the best gift you can give should be just as unique.

That being said, it’s also important to make sure that the gift can actually be used and enjoyed by the person you’re giving it to. Something too uncommon or rare may be difficult for the person to use. This is why we recommend personalizing items that are known to be great gifts, and items that people use every day. Taking popular accessories and making them different and personalized is the best of both worlds; you give a gift that no one else in the world has, but is still trendy and usable on a daily basis.

How Do You Personalize Accessories?

Through engraving, of course. At Bewell Of North America, we bring you the finest wooden watches and sunglasses and allow you to create the perfect message to gift to someone else. Engraving a gift adds a special meaning that only you can give, and shows you put thought into your gift.

Why Gift An Engraved Watch?

Watches are always a great gift for a loved one. In fact, it’s a common tradition for a father to give his son a watch when the son reaches a milestone, such as graduating from high school or college, or when beginning a new career. Though there isn’t much of a tradition for it, it’s still common for women to be gifted watches when they’ve accomplished something huge. Whether meant for men or women, watches are great gifts for huge events, whether it’s a graduation, new career, birthday, holiday, or anniversary.

A wood watch is an uncommon gift in itself; watches are commonly made from metals or plastic. So giving a wood watch as a gift shows you know how unique your loved one is, and want to reflect that. It also shows that you went out of your way to add a touch of class and elegance. Wood watches will stand out on your loved one’s wrist, and be the envy of every person stuck with a more traditional watch.

Although it’s true the wood watch you chose is already distinct from others, what truly makes the watch personalized and one-of-a-kind is the engraving. Engraving a message meant for your loved one guarantees they’ll think of you when wearing the watch, and will be reminded of the special day they received it. You’re not just giving them a stylish watch; you’re also giving them a memento of an important occasion.

engraved watch from bewell

Why Gift Wood Sunglasses?

Nothing says stylish like wood sunglasses do. In a world of plastic sunglasses, make sure your loved one stands out with their wood sunglasses. They’re trendy, of fine quality, and aren’t as fragile as traditional sunglasses. Traditional plastic sunglasses often “bleed” color when the wearer sweats, and have even been known to melt in extreme heat. Since your loved one will definitely want to wear sunglasses in the height of sunny summer, you can help them avoid these issues by gifting them wood sunglasses that are incapable of bleeding paint or melting. These high-quality sunglasses will last a lifetime.

At Bewell our wood sunglasses come in many different styles and various types of wood, so you’re guaranteed to find the perfect shape to fit your loved one’s face, as well as their personal taste.

Sunglasses are an excellent alternative gift to a watch because they’re less formal. If you want to give something amazing, yet more casual, to your loved one, wood sunglasses are the way to go. These don’t need a special occasion to be given, though they’d be perfect for birthdays.

Although they’re less formal gifts, you can and should still personalize them. A short and sweet message along the temple adds some personality to the sunglasses. Or, simply engraving their name on the temple adds some flair and leaves no room for confusion as to who they belong to; with sunglasses this stylish, everyone will want a pair so make sure it’s clear they belong to your loved one!

wooden sunglasses personalized

Whether you’re looking for a formal gift to give at an important occasion, or something fun and casual, Bewell has the perfect give for your loved one. We’ll provide the gift, but your message provides special meaning that is truly priceless.

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