8 Reasons Why You Should Wear Wood Sunglasses

8 Reasons Why You Should Wear Wood Sunglasses

Hello Sunshine!

Warm summer days present the perfect excuse to splurge on new sunglasses.

With hundreds of styles appearing on the fashion scene each season, your choices are plenty. But, how many of them will help you stand out?  

Say goodbye to common, cookie-cutter sunglasses this season and step up your fashion game with exquisite Wooden sunglasses from Bewell- the home of handcrafted, high-quality wooden sunglasses, wood watches and belts.

Read on to find out why you shouldn’t miss the chance to wear our distinctive and original wooden sunglasses.

  • Go big on style with wooden sunglasses

    Created with exquisite handcrafted details and precise attention to detail, wooden sunglasses are anything but ordinary. With their natural finish lending a sophisticated touch to any outfit, these accessories are a versatile and fashionable choice.

    Wooden sunglasses will allow you to keep your summer fashion choices impactful but uncluttered. They pair well with both modern and classic outfits.

    Add them to your summer wardrobe with a matching Bewell wood watch, and you can look effortlessly chic throughout the season. Wear this trend-setting combination to pool parties, days at the beach and festive occasions and you are sure to be in the spotlight all summer.

    • Go green with stylish Wooden sunglasses

      The fashion industry is notorious for being highly unsustainable. Every big and small fashion decision you make impacts the environment. So, it is your responsibility to embrace eco-friendly fashion choices that do not burden the planet.

      Trees are renewable resources and wood is bio-degradable. Hence, wooden sunglasses are a sustainable choice since they are made from 100% environment-friendly materials.

      The manufacturing process for wooden sunglasses has a lower carbon footprint than that for sunglasses made from other materials. So, choose wooden sunglasses and you can safely believe that you made a conscious effort to save the environment.

      • Pick your favorites from an endless variety of options
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        Do you like trendy circular frames, classic wayfarers or protective oversized sunnies?

        Find them all in the collection of wooden Sunglasses at Bewell. Choose from different woods like acacia, camphor, maple, sandalwood or zebra wood for the color and finish you prefer. Lens colors range from brown and amber to green and gray.

        Since each piece of wood is different, the texture, grain and color of each pair of Bewell sunglasses is distinct. So, any piece you pick will be one-of-a-kind and an extension of your unique style. All you must do is find the right one that flatters your complexion and complements your attire.

        • Add a touch of elegance with wooden sunglasses
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            One of the best things about wooden sunglasses is their ability to make you look “cool”, but with elegance and poise. Although these shades can transform even the most mundane outfit into something special, it is not in an overpowering way.

            Unlike flashy and loud plastic and metal frames, wooden sunglasses do not steal focus.

            Instead, their subtle details and neutral colors draw attention to the face and highlight it in the best way possible. The result is an attractive overall look that is pleasant and smart.

            • Enjoy unbelievable comfort with Bewell Sunglasses
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                Did you know that sunglasses made from wood are light-weight, and super-comfortable?

                No matter how thick the frames are, wooden sunglasses fit snugly around the face. All Bewell sunglasses have carefully crafted arms that sit comfortably on the ears. They are non-allergic and suitable for people with sensitive skin.

                Bewell takes care of every tiny detail to guarantee that our sunglasses do not cause ugly marks around the nose, even if you wear them for hours at a stretch. With the wooden surface being soft and well-polished, there are no exposed slivers or rough edges at any point. The nose piece secures the frame in position.  

                • Experience advanced sun-protection with high-quality polarized lens
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                    You may already know that exposure to harmful UV rays of the sun causes cataracts, macular degeneration and other medical problems. (https://nei.nih.gov/hvm/healthy_eyes_glasses)

                    So, your sunglasses should protect your eyes from the glaring rays of the sun. Only high-quality sunglasses with excellent UV protection properties can keep your eyes and vision intact, despite exposure to the sun.

                    Bewell wooden sunglasses are specially designed with scratch-resistant TAC polarized lenses that block 100% UVA and UVB rays. By eliminating glare, they are the superior choice for outdoor activities like boating and driving.

                    • Durability, appearance and stylish design guarantee value for money
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                        Wood is a highly durable material and more importantly, one that requires minimum maintenance. So, wooden sunglasses from Bewell are good for daily use as they are resistant to heat, pollution and moisture.

                        With a rugged finish and smart designs, these sunglasses retain their brand-new look for a long time. They can withstand normal wear and tear and require minimum maintenance.

                        Wooden sunglasses do not break easily and can serve you for years. And with excellent wallet-friendly sale prices on our range of Bewell sunglasses, you need not look elsewhere for a better deal for your money.

                        • Make it your own with the special customization option
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                            There is no doubt that every wooden sunglass is a work of art.  All you need is a stylish pair of wooden shades, and you can forget all about additional accessories to make a striking statement.

                            At Bewell, you can not only find frames that flatter the shape of your face and colors that complement your complexion. Take it even further by customizing your favorite wooden frames to satisfy your unique taste.

                            Enhance the look of your shades with Bewell’s special engraving option and add a short quote or message for a nominal price. You can also customize the box with our engraving option.

                            Whether it is as a gift for yourself or for someone you love, this simple personal touch will make your sunglasses a special treasure.

                            Browse through our collection of trending, high-quality wooden sunglasses and matching wood watches at Bewell to choose your favorites. Make a difference with your wise and sustainable choice this summer, even while looking amazingly stylish.

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